Reading: Wire-framing Create Quick and Easy Mock ups
Wire-framing Create Quick and Easy Mock ups

Creating sketches of a user interface, called wire-frames is often the first step in the design phase of a software or web project. It  is one of the most valuable parts of any web design project. It can save a designer tons of time by hashing out the details of a site’s architecture, functionality, and content prior to actually starting a visual design. But if done inefficiently, it can end up costing more time and can even create bigger headaches for both the client and the designer.


Diving into Wire-framing

Wire-framing is to User Interface design as sketching is to draw. The goal is not to come up with something that’s “finished” or polished. It can be something that you do just for yourself to help clear up your ideas about what you want to build, or it can be something you create for others in order to better communicate your idea or reflect your interpretation of a client’s idea back to them.

Wire-framing relevance

Business people should be able to verify that the proposed design meets customer needs.

1 . Developers should be able to get an idea of the technical feasibility and maybe even provide some rough timeline estimates.

2 . Designers should be able to assess the experience and catch usability issues before development starts. This is why wire-framing is so powerful when successful.



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