Reading: Why Woo-commerce is best e-commerce platform for startups?
Why Woo-commerce is best e-commerce platform for startups?

Woo Commerce is a WordPress plugin that helps convert your website into an online store. You can sell physical goods, digital products, or set up a site to promote products from another website.

WooCommerce turns a regular WordPress site into a fully functioning e-commerce store from where to sell and manage inventory and shipping, take secure payments, and sort taxes automatically…

Benefits of  Woocommerce


    • Sell any kind of products
    • Add Number of products and images
    • Add categories, tags, and attributes of products like size, color, price, popularity for easy find and search.
    • Show product authentication, ratings, and reviews on product pages.
    • Customize store location, language, payment gateway to simplify shipping to simplify shipping etc.


Why Developers Love WooCommerce

WooCommerce is an open source platform. It is an online code repository where anyone can publish their code for others to collaborate on, including making their own version of the code and submitting issues related to the code as well as fixes to the code. In our opinion, WooCommerce’s agile open source development is a real advantage – it keeps the platform constantly up-to-date and modern.

where developers can share ideas, collaborate and search for questions and answers. WooThemes users benefit from community forums, video tutorials, and other tools to ensure that they have the knowledge they need to effectively and efficiently use the WooCommerce plugin to create eCommerce functionality on WordPress websites and stay current on code developments.


Reasons Why WooCommerce is best e-commerce platform for startups


Offering a free platform

One of the biggest benefits of WooCommerce is that its basic version is free. As a business still coming to terms with is core functions, a free e-commerce platform is sufficient to get you on your feet before take-off. The toolkit makes online selling very easy and won’t cost you a thing…at least not initially.

As your business begins to grow and take shape, you can use some of the revenue to add inclusive features and enhance your operations. Upgrades such as an ability to set-up appointments, subscriptions and suggest similar products to users will be valuable to your business.

Multiple Language Support


With the multilingual package in WooCommerce plugin, we can set up the website into all of the major languages of the world. WooCommerce also supports multi-store using WordPress multisite as well as multi-currency using some of the plugins.


WooCommerce is Flexible

Woocommerce stores are capable of selling physical, virtual and even downloadable products. Its POS solution allows for the ability to accept the different type of payment methods which makes purchasing items more flexible for the customers. Woocommerce also provides you with the flexibility to choose custom templates & designs for particular product pages and different categories.


Easy analytics

As a business owner, you’ll want to know where the majority of your sales come from, or what time of the day customers prefer to buy products. With WooCommerce, you can keep track of these valuable data and optimize them to improve your site’s performance.

What’s more, you need not be tech savvy to interpret this inbuilt analytics, because it is simplified for the most basic user. You can get data such as sales by time of day, individual customer stats, total average order, and so on, all represented in simple pie charts. Furthermore, you can also integrate modern analytical applications like Kissmetrics Heatmaps and Google Analytics into your WooCommerce site.


Vast Customization Options

Being free hasn’t made it a rigid platform. In fact, you will get a huge room to customize and tweak your e-commerce website to a level of uniqueness. It has numerous themes available with different customization options. Once after selecting a theme, you can then work on changing pre-defined CSS styles, changing the code & experimenting with the features which are offered by the themes.


Payment and Shipping

The plugin is integrated with popular payment methods such as Paypal, Amazon, Stripe, COD etc. and shipping methods like Blue Dart, FedEx.



Security is an essential factor when it comes to the e-commerce business. Your customers need the assurance that the transactions are secure and the website they are working with is not fraudulent. One great thing about WooCommerce and its POS is that it is regularly updated; hence you need not think too much about any security issues. As it is regularly updated, it is always compatible with newer versions of WP, and you will not experience a lot of bugs.


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