Reading: Top programming language for the mobile application development
Programming Language for the Mobile Application
Top programming language for the mobile application development

Mobile Application develops with the latest programming language like swift, objective C, Ruby on rails, Python, Php, Kotlin, Rust, and javascript to deliver the best mobile application for the user and build apps that are compatible with the different types of devices that people use all around the world.


Mobile is the fastest growing platform in every sector like for communication, entertainment, shopping, business, and more. Through Mobile, we can reach to every one which is also beneficial to the business through mobile we can easily reach our potential or targeted customer by the mobile application.

People are opting for application to expand their business on a worldwide. 80%of the technology shifted to the mobile apps for internet use. 400% growth in mobile search over the last few years.

Trend and demand for Mobile application are increases in high rate due its people shift from web to mobile application.


Businesses can reach a large number of customers through a mobile app to get them to buy their products and services. This is the reason why many mobile apps are being developed continuously and With the continuing development of mobile apps, many businesses keep updated with new mobile technology and help to improve their brand awareness strategies to get more customers to make a profit. It becomes equally challenging for every Web and IT Company to provide the best to stay in the competition and get maximum clients.



Mobile Application developers develop an application for the Android, Windows,iPhone, Ipad or  Mac Os with a different latest programming language

To develop a Mobile application with the latest technology Whether you need to become a developer, or hire a professional mobile developer.


Selecting Programming language by every mobile app developer one of the most important aspects of the mobile app project.


So, the question is which programming language should work best for you to develop a mobile application? While selecting a programming language to make either native, hybrid, or cross-platform apps. With consider your business strategy, contains learning skills, According to your app type, and targeted audience.


1] HTML5 + Javascript


JavaScript is the most widely used programming language in the world and it looks like it will keep its top spot for the foreseeable future. JavaScript is a universal programming language which shows a great level of flexibility and performance. It is free to use, easy to learn, and easy to implement (both in web and hybrid mobile applications). All these reasons combined make it the perfect cross-platform programming language.HTML5 is the perfect programming language if you are seeing to construct a Web-fronted application. Though it creates numerous data types simple toward insert, accounts for diverse screen sizes, justifies input limits, and even levels the browser playing field. The combination of these mobile programming languages might be a great decision for those who want to kill two birds with one stone.


Main features of Javascript and HTML5 programming languages for mobile apps:

  • Offline caching, which allows access to the certain element in the offline mode
  • What programming language is used for iOS and Android apps – a combination of Javascript and HTML5?
  • Responsive design which displays correctly across all types of devices
  • Can be used for Web pages and apps
  • Device agnostic.

2] Java

Java is one of the most practical languages to learn as it was designed to bypass the complexity of C++.  It’s highly portable as it boasts the cross-platform compatible Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

Reinforces  Object-oriented principles (OOP) used in modern languages including C++, Perl, Python, and PHP. Java is used mainly for creating server-side apps, video games, and mobile apps. It’s the core of native Android apps and is enormously popular among developers.


Key features:

  • Object-oriented language.
  • It runs on all the platforms.
  • Supports APIs that make integration a piece of cake.
  • It is easy-to-learn and read.
  • Hundreds of open source libraries available.
  • Easy to get expert help from Android communities.
  • Powerful IDEs make coding easy and error-free.


3] Python


Python is a general purpose, a server-side language which is present almost everywhere today. You can find it in web applications, desktop apps, network servers, machine learning, media tools and more. Code written in Python is clear, easily readable, and well-structured. The proper indentation determines code execution. In the last several years, Python-based frameworks like Django and Flask have become more and more popular. The language also has machine learning and data analysis libraries like Scikit-learn and Pandas. It is a good choice for beginners since it is easy to read and understand.

Key features:

  • Processed at runtime by the interpreter
  • Object-oriented language
  • Easy-to-learn and master
  • Interactive language
  • Easy-to-read
  • Scalable
  • Supports GUI applications
  • Runs on Windows, Mac, Unix, and Linux


4] Swift

The programming language Swift was developed by Apple and was designed to incorporate and improve many features of the programming language Objective-C, like its speed. In addition, it rivals Objective-C in type safety, security and better on-hardware performance. Swift incorporates features not only from Objective-C but also from other programming languages. It shows a high code readability and a high level of security. Created in 2014, Swift is a modern language and an easy tool to use. Last but not least, it is the foundation of iOS development.

5] C#

C# is a very versatile language that can be used on many different platforms. Such high portability and compatibility make it very popular today. It can be used for Android, iOS, Linux, and Mac accordingly. Hence, its popularity is reasonable.

6] Kotlin

Kotlin is a relatively recent programming language that works on the Java virtual machine. It’s developed mainly by the JetBrains programmers and since Google IO 2017 Kotlin has been the official programming language of the Android application. It has a lot of advantages, such as:

  • Kotlin is interoperable with Java
  • Null safety
  • Extension function
  • Lambdas
  • Data classes

7] PHP

Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) is a server-side scripting open-source scripting language project. PHP is a small, simple, or limited scripting language is purposely developed for creating websites used for general purpose development today. It coding language is helpful in used for creating dynamic websites, web apps, Android and iOS apps and all types of mobile apps. You can create the next big app and be making codes and functions simpler all in PHP, who knows?

Key features:

  • Simple
  • Interpreted
  • Faster
  • Open-source
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility
  • Real-Time Access Monitoring
  • Case Sensitive
  • Have numerous uses

8] Ruby

One of the fastest developing programming languages, Ruby is an object-oriented programming language created for data-hungry people. It’s so easy and basic to run that you can make an application in only 10 minutes. Truly! For that, Groupon, Airbnb, Bloomberg, and Pixlr, all have been coded in Ruby. It is for the most part required to control code databases of various popular sites, and with time, its fame is growing.

9] Rust

Developed by the Mozilla Corporation, Rust, like C and C++, is intended primarily for low-level systems programming. What Rust adds to the mix, however, is an emphasis on speed and security. Rust emphasizes writing “safe code” by preventing programs from accessing parts of memory that they shouldn’t, which can cause unexpected behavior and system crashes.

The advantages of Rust mean that other big tech companies, such as Dropbox and Coursera, are already starting to use it internally. While it may be a bit more difficult to master than other beginner languages, Rust programming skills are likely to pay off handsomely as the language’s popularity will only continue to rise in the near future.


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