Reading: Significance of testing in software development
Significance of testing in software development

Two things plays vital role before launching any product in the market. The first is to ascertain the need for it and the second is to test it thoroughly to ensure a foolproof product. The former is done even before the product is made maybe at the idea level. The launching in the market part however cannot be done without the product undergoing proper testing. The product development cycle is more or less the same for custom software development too. If anything there is a greater stress on the testing part.

Impact on brand image

No one wants to pay for a product that does not work the way it had promised to. Customers are adverse to the idea of paying for software that does not meet their specifications. With the software brands as with other brands, there is a lot at stake when a product is launched in the market. The brand image and brand name take time to build and no company wishes that a product to malign it.

Testing does more than debugging

Agreed that the most important thing that testing does is debug software. A tester’s job however is not just that. It also ensures that the software is easy for the customers to use so usability is also checked. It is also the tester’s job to assess if the software is the ideal solution for the problem it intends to solve.

Efficient development cycle

Integrating testing as a part of the product development cycle reduced the time from development to launch. And this is what every company wishes to have.

Testing methods vary with different types of software

It can be broken down into different components depending on what aspect is being tested. For example Ad-Hoc Testing which is done without pre-planning, alpha testing is done by test teams at the site while beta testing is done by the users themselves. Then there is Black Box testing in which the item being tested is not known to the tester and White Box testing which involves testing the coding. Apart from this, software is tested for security and usability aspects and also for the amount of load that it can take.

What should be done while testing a software

First and foremost a tester should work on test cases to make permutation and combination of conditions for particular features and needs to think of ways in which the product can go wrong. Ideally, a tester needs to work in a neutral environment so that the results are unbiased. It is therefore important that the testing team be independent from the programming team. This will also ensure that the work for the developer and the tester is separate and both have enough time to work on their tasks. It is also important to understand that a tester cannot leave anything out. A tester for instance, also needs to test something as basic as requirements for the software

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