Reading: Best practice for the Mobile Application Design
Mobile app design
Best practice for the Mobile Application Design

Mobile Application and its  Design


In 2018 Global Population amounted to 3.7 Billion unique users. Mobile Users are increases continuously in every sector and also helpful for providing services to the customer and in business which increase revenue with an increase in targeted customer retention.


Through Mobile application, we can generate our business brand value and promotion. A single mobile application with multiple functions adds value to the service-oriented business like hotels, e-commerce, hospitals, travel guide etc.


Mobile Application technology has become essential to simplify our world. Through Mobile app, We can convey our Services, information to end user and also manage and maximize the occupant experience in buildings with required skills.

Mobile development targets two main platforms (iOS and Android), the world of connecting device. Each smart device has their communication and operating mode, depending on its manufacturer.


Designing Mobile application skills are required, every mobile application required specific skills and technical ability to monitor and control various equipment from an application with different level of expertise

Best Mobile app design

Mobile App Design Best Practices and Mistakes

Today 180 Million Applications is downloaded from the google play store and IOS app store. In the competitive world, mobile users expect more from the application i.e fast loading time, ease of use and delight during the interaction. It can only possible with the good design development.


Best Practices for The Mobile Application


Responsive Design

Mobile application design should be responsible and capable of all the range of devices. Like different screen size is the different device. Mobile application device should be flexible for all types of devices.

Cognitive speed

Mobile application loading time should be low by putting limited information. Keep consistent layout for the mobile app like using consistent toolbars, icons, colors, and styles. Mobile app designers should make it fast and easy for users to read information in the app and make a quick decision.

Easy to use and User-Friendly

An application should be easy to use and it should be according to the targeted user with the proper font and color so that user can interact easily.


Common Mistakes for the Mobile app design 

Market trend

Mobile application should be designed according to the trend of market demand and by an understanding the perception of an end user. It is important to understand customers. create use cases for what a targeted audience actually wants from an application. A developer should pay attention to their needs, interests and should have proper security.


The first impression is the last impression, Mobile app design should be impressive should be designed according to the plan and given information with the help of fonts, colors, typography, elements, placements, etc.and it should have interacted with the end user.

Complex design

Complex design take away from the user experience, If there is lots of distraction like misleading information, confusing call to actions etc this makes the user to be less interactive with the application. Good mobile design should consider the context in which it is used.

Overloaded Data

Rather than including too many features and elements application should have the limited amount of stuff which attracts user for using an application like have proper content, font size, color, images, and videos etc which help the user to use the application by click on the screen.

Push Notifications

The application should have set of accessibility of notification and ask your users for permission. When you open a new application the last thing, you want to see, are multiple popups in a row asking for permission:

  • App Would Like to Send You Push Notifications
  • App Would Like to Access Your Locations
  • App Would Like Access Your Contacts
  • App Would Like to Access Your Camera


Do's and Dont's for the Mobile app design

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