Node.js Development

Linkites is a node.js development company offers the following Node.js development services like migrate enterprise legacy systems to Node.js, application development using mean stack a JavaScript framework.

Why Node.js?

Node.js is Javascript and the same language can be used on the backend and frontend. It breaks down the boundaries between front-end and back-end development.

Since employing NodeJS, Linkites has become highly successful at developing applications that are:

  • Node.js is Event driven & heavily I/O bound oriented.
  • Node.js is able to handle a large number of concurrent connections with other systems.
  • Node.js is Based on real-time.
  • Node.js Handle huge amounts of information streaming to and from other sources.
  • Node.js Produce high amounts of traffic and are highly scalable.
  • Node.js build out network applications
  • Node.js is Applications that need to talk to the back or server end very often

Our Most Recent Node js Projects

treat Me

Treat Me - A monthly membership concierge service that provides unlimited blowouts and/or manicures when and where you want them at a super affordable price.

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This is also related to the scoreboard and real-time predictions. We have used react.js which update the leadership board in real time.

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My Lucke

My Lucke is a parking management software is designed to streamline parking operations and improve customer service, while also saving you considerable time and money, and increasing your revenues.

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