We fly with Swift

In 2014, Apple has introduced one of the biggest updates to iOS since 2008 from a developer’s point of view. They introduced HomeKit, HealthKit, CloudKit, and many like. But the biggest surprise out of WWDC 2014 was the introduction of a brand new programming language, Swift. Swift is a wonderful programming language that has been built from the ground up to be efficient and safe. It uses the same APIs that Objective-C does. Or, what you can do in Objective-C, you can do in Swift. It also introduces some new concepts longtime programmers will appreciate. To better understand Swift, Apple has been conditioning us with structural improvements in Objective-C over the last few years. Objective-C improvements like code blocks, literal array, and dictionary definitions, and ARC (Automatic Reference Counting) are but a few things Apple added to Objective-C that ease the transition to Swift.