Introduction to Meteor and what you’ll Need to know.


Meteor.js is an open-source platform built on Node and MongoDB. It’s not just a framework, it’s more than that.

Meteor is more of a platform than Angular. It is both server and client-side code and handles a lot of the parts of applications that we need to create manually in Angular.

You don’t need much “stuff” to develop with Meteor.

With Meteor, there’s only three things you’ll need:

  1. You’ll need a major operating systems. You can use Meteor on any relatively modern version of Mac OS X, Windows, or Linux.
  2. You’ll need a text editor. Here, there’s no precise requirements. If you want to write code in Notepad, you can. Recommend sublime – a cross-platform editor with plenty of neat plugins and productivity features.
  3. You’ll need a modern web browser. This is what we’ll use to preview our Meteor application. Recommended would be using the latest version of Google Chrome and Mozilla firefox  since it has some useful development features.

We believe that, at the end of the day, every developer expects two main things from their apps:

  1. Happy customers
  2. Lower costs

In technical terms, this translates directly into the following:

  • Fast apps = Happy customers
  • Efficient apps = Lower costs

And Meteor is fast and efficient enough to achieve our requirements.


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