Full Stack

Front End, Back End, Full Stack—What Does it All Mean?


I used to think that you were either a web designer or a web developer. Or maybe you were one of those rare unicorns who did both. But either way, you either worked on the design of the site, or the code that made it work. And then I started seeing all these job listings asking for “front-end developers” or “back-end developers” and even “full stack developers.” What the heck did that mean? After a little research, I found out that as the Web has grown more complex and as more becomes possible on the Internet, developers have gotten more specialized. And that means instead of developers who do it all, many focus on specific parts of development, whether that’s a specific programming language, framework, or other technical areas of expertise. Still not sure what that means? Read on for more insight into what front end, back end, and full stack developers each do (and why the…